About Us

Welcome to SWAC Cougars youth Football & Cheer.


Our Mission: SWAC was established in 1974 to give the youth of the South West Seattle, White Center, and South Park areas a place to go, and be apart of the community.  We originally started as just an athletic club offering sports like football, basketball, and baseball. Noticing the enormous impact that our coaches have made on the lives of the youth that they have coached; SWAC has dedicated its resources to the positive mentor-ship of the youth. We offer free seminars on healthy living habits and tutoring help. We use the tools of competition to teach the children in our program that it takes more than just hard work and dedication to become successful. In order to become successful it will take a champion’s character to succeed and that takes perseverance, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge to go with hard work and dedication. SWAC is dedicated to mentoring and developing the youth in our community in competitive sports, academics, and life skills.






Please feel free to email us at: Swacpresident@gmail.com

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Volunteer Board

President: Ethel Williams
Vice President: Kira Jones
Treasurer: NA
Secretary/Registration Coordinator: Nikki Preston
Director of Cheer: Candice Sweet
Sponsorship/Fundraising Team: Stephanie

Volunteer Coordinator: Crystal G