2017 Registration


ATTENTION – after you submit your payment for 2017 registration you MUST fill out the registration form for each child you have paid for to consider them signed up.

The fees this year will be as follows:

Football: $175.00 and you keep the jersey – and with $75.00 of the registration (non-refundable) paid by May 15th, your child will have their name on the Jersey! We will provide the helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, and give you the game jersey. Each participant will have to procure practice pants, practice jersey, shoes, and any other personal protection equipment they wish to have.

Check out the 2017 Jerseys designed by Coach Sweet! Vote for the one you want on our FB Fan Page!
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Cheer: $175.00 plus additional $50.00: Cheerleaders will keep the Shoes, Warm Ups, Socks, Pom Poms, undergarment & Hair Accessories.  The $50.00 fee will be collected by the cheer coach when the Shoes, and Warm Ups are ordered.

Please register before may 15th so that we can have the player’s name on the back of their jersey. We order them from over seas and it will take that long to process the order and have them made and arrive here in time for the season. If you miss the deadline we will have jerseys, all though they will not have the players name on them and the selection of a number is limited to what we have on order.

Make sure that you fully complete the payment process and fill out the form that follows so that your child will be completely signed up for the 2017 season. If you do not fill out the form after the pay-pal process your child is not registered yet if for some reason it does not take you to the registration form email swacpresident@gmail.com
We have two options:

Pay $75.00 now and the remaining 100.00 on the first day of practice or

Pay $175.00 now and be paid in full for the 2016 season

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